I have a specific, proven process for getting you the high-impact branding that lets you emerge as the “go to” leader in your industry. It’s a lot like how a doctor would help a patient:
Diagnose your current branding to identify areas for improvement...
Prescribe a detailed planned solution to get you in front of your perfect customers… and to create meaningful connections that turn into 
sales, loyalty, and referrals.

Natural Listing Ads 
Program (SEO)
As an SEO/Content Marketing expert will optimize your website, write blogs, create videos and more on an ongoing basis so Google ranks you high for the popular search terms that drive you sales.
Advertise at the top of Google & Bing for the keywords that drive the most sales. I will write, design, manage & optimize your ads so they run at the top of Google & Bing search/shopping for the keywords that capture you the most sales & market-share.
Funnel Pages
You need an attractive offer, and you still need the right kind of traffic…
But here’s the thing…
If you have a poorly designed opt in page…
You can have the best offer in the world…
You could be selling next years i-phone…”
And you could be sending researched, super-highly targeted traffic out there…
… but if those visitors hit your poorly designed opt- in page
you’re just wasting money.
All Your Hard Work...
 All Your Advertising Money...
All Your Precious Time...
Down The Drain!
Is it worth the risk?
I don’t think so… 
That Is Why I Designed This 100% Done For You Marketing System
 No Extra Cost - 1 Flat Rate
 Take $500 Off Any Package
$2,097 Billed Monthly
  •  Up To 5 Sales Funnel Pages A Month
  •  Highly Optimized Social Media Ads
  •  1 Video Ad Per Month
  •  3 Day Turn Around On Most Projects
  •  Fully Dedicated Funnel Designer
$3,197 Billed Monthly
  •  Up To 10 Sales Funnel Pages
  •   Highly Optimized Social Media Ads
  •  3 Video Advertisements A Month
  •  3 Day Turn Around On Most Projects
  •  Fully Dedicated Funnel Designer
  •  SEO 
 Boss  Package 
$5,597 Billed Monthly
  •  Up To 15 Sales Funnel Pages A Month
  •  Highly Optimized Social Media Ads
  •  5 Video Ads A Month 
  •  3 Day Turn Around On Most Projects 
  •  Dedicated Designer/Marketer
  •  1 Hour Consulting Call Per Month ($1,897 Value) Free Every Month
  •  SEO - Full Blast Optimization 
Prices will Soon Be Increased
Social Media Management
Increase sales & brand awareness with this social media marketing program which allows you to advertise on popular channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Improve your brand’s presence on social media Get your own dedicated social media marketer!

 I will help you get more followers, post share-worthy content, monitor comments & more so your brand is active & engaged on social media.
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